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Foursquare Multiply partners with planters through an advisory team model. This provides planters with support, care, and an opportunity to learn from seasoned leaders. There are two ways to partner with planters, either as a sending partner or as a part of the advisory team.

Multiply uses the term “trellis” to describe its approach to serving church planters. In the context of Multiply, the advisory team serves as part of the trellis, while each expression of the Gospel represents the growing vine.

Planters are asked to build a portion of their trellis with individuals who are willing to partner in their planting journey. We believe the ability to have and create a care network is vital for a planter to remain healthy and fruitful. This care network is what Multiply acknowledges as the Advisory Team and is considered a key component of the multi-faceted support needed throughout the planting process.

Sending Partner

The primary covering for the church planter. They are responsible for supporting the planter in all areas of their 2-year journey.

Advisory Team

Acts as the secondary covering for the church planter during their 2-year journey. They are responsible for spiritual, relational and financial support for the planter/plant.

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