Year 2, Training 1

Gospel & Self

Gospel centered relationships and communication are an extremely important part of the flourishing of your growing community of faith. The redemption through Jesus and on-going sanctification through His Spirit transforms our relationships into life-giving and not life-taking ones. This is evidenced, as Ephesians states, in truthful and loving speech, anger but not rage, confession and reconciliation, among many others. To start your second year in T1 we are going to journey together through two resources that help us cultivate healthy relationships and contextual communication.

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Training 1 Homework

8 Sessions:

Sept 7 – Oct 26

  • READ:

    Weekly Material


    Engage with the weekly material (submit HERE)


    Weekly Pod Calls to discuss material

EHL 1: September 7
EHL 2: September 14
EHL 3: September 21
EHL 4: September 28

5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST (1hr)

Meeting ID: 818 6913 7432
Passcode: 339258

EHL 5: October 5
EHL 6: October 12
EHL 7: October 19
EHL 8: October 26

5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST (1hr)

Meeting ID: 821 5533 0477
Passcode: 705537

by November 2nd

  • WATCH:

    20 minute Gospel Communication by Kristian Hernandez Video

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    Beholding + Proclaiming


    Complete Beholding + Proclaiming Assignment in Syllabus (submit HERE)


    Pod Call for this Module

Pod Call: November 2

5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST (1.5hrs)

Meeting ID: 843 8752 3474
Passcode: 333354

resource downloads

Training 1 Schedule
Training 1 Syllabus
Training 1 Hand + Heart Rhythms
Rule of Life Workbook